Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatments

Sometimes, an individual tooth becomes inflamed through damage or infection. An abscess may develop and the tooth may die. When this happens, there are only two options – extraction or root canal therapy.

We specialise in carefully treating the problem tooth so that discomfort is minimised. We will remove the inflamed or infected tissue and seal up the crown so you can retain normal function.

Root Canal Therapy Image

What does root canal therapy involve?

Root canal therapy involves removing the diseased pulp, shaping the canal space and filling it with a rubber-based material called Gutta Percha. This usually requires several visits to complete with temporary fillings and dressings placed in the tooth between visits. Antibiotics may be necessary if infection is present.

Following treatment, the tooth must be restored. There are two main concerns when restoring root-filled teeth:

  • Sealing the root filling against the bacteria of the mouth.
  • Protecting the root-filled tooth from fracture.
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