Child and Adolescent Oral Care

We provide the same high-quality care for our young patients as we do for our adult patients.

Dental care for young children and teens

Children and teens can really benefit from high-quality dental care, as it can set them up for a lifetime of good oral health. We’re passionate about providing younger patients with the same standard of care that our other patients enjoy.

Our approach is personalised, so everyone receives individual care with a strong focus on prevention of oral health problems.

Child Dental Care


Children are very welcome at our practice, and we aim to make the experience a positive one.

We find the earlier children begin attending dental visits, the more comfortable they are – and the lower their risk of developing tooth decay. This is because early visits are an opportunity to talk about the things that cause tooth decay and how to prevent it.

Baby teeth matter. They maintain the space for permanent teeth to erupt later, and early loss may lead to costly orthodontic problems later.

The health of primary teeth is a strong predictor for the health of permanent teeth. Establishing healthy eating and oral hygiene habits early in life can positively influence your oral health as an adult.

Dental Care Teenagers


This is when the risk of tooth decay and gum disease may increase. It may be connected to hormonal changes, dietary changes (as they have more freedom over dietary choices), poor oral hygiene and orthodontic treatment.

It’s vitally important that teens visit the dentist at least once a year to maintain optimal oral health. The government provides funding for yearly visits under the dental benefit scheme for all those aged 13 to 18 who are attending school or a learning institution.

We have always offered care of teenagers under the general dental benefit scheme. We see this as a service to the families in our practice.

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